Track Bike Progress #2

Bike Parts 1

There are parts! Bottom bracket, tubular tire tape, lockring, track cog, and such. So yeah, right now, it’s just a trickle of the cheap stuff, as I’m just sacrificing my bike shop paychecks for these things. Once the money starts to flow from the new full-time gig, I’ll be bringing in the handlebars, crankset, etc. Specifically:

  • Shimano Ultegra SL pedals
  • Tufo Extreme Conditions tubular tape
  • FSA Platinum Pro Track Bottom Bracket (ISIS)
  • Shimano Dura-Ace Track Cog (14T)
  • Surly Stainless Lockring

The frame will probably happen on the 21st. I heard from the guys at Blue today, and the news is good. The wheels, the most expensive part of the whole bike, will have to wait until April. It’s all good — with the way Minnesota is, the track won’t be open until later that month, anyway.