Track Frame Woes

So. I was all geared-up to employee purchase a Felt TK2 frameset to race on the track this year. Unfortunately — and not just for me — the shop I work for elected to drop Felt as a product line. I was pretty gung-ho about this frameset — I’ve always been impressed with Felts from the first time I encountered them, and had been considering an F1X as a pit bike for ‘cross this fall.

With my ability to order a TK2 frameset now evaporated, I am left in a position where I need to find a decent aluminum track frame. I’ve already selected my major components (FSA Carbon Track Pro crank, Zipp Track 404 front, Zipp Track 900 disc rear, Oval Concepts A701 bar) with the mindset that these will be solid, but not top-of-the-line, equipment. Should my track results be on-par with what my physiological data would indicate, then I’ll buy an awesome pursuit bike in 2009. Until then, no custom frames or Cervelo P3 frames or anything like that…

So, I come to you, Internets. Any recommendations for an affordable aluminum, semi-aero track frameset? Because I need one in 60cm, and I need it soon.

2 thoughts on “Track Frame Woes”

  1. Wow. Thanks for the lead! I just took a look, was pretty impressed with what I saw, and am checking on whether I can get an employee purchase deal.

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