Training Begins

FoodpornSo I’ve got my account over at, and I officially started on Tuesday. It’s probably a little late to be starting, but better late than never.

Compared to last year, this is a world of difference. Last year, I didn’t get my new bike completed until around June 1st. I didn’t have a plan, except to “race myself into shape”.

Doing that in July is a really, really bad idea. Seriously, don’t ever try it. That’s the time of year when everyone’s flying, and if you go out there you’re going to get lapped, puke up a lung, and have an aneurysm. None of which I’d recommend. Combine that with my cyclocross training of getting good and drunk the night before my races, my results were about what you’d expect — a lot of DNFs and straggling near the back of the pack. Now, I have a plan, and it’s written in such a way as to make perfect sense to me.

So far, it’s going okay. I started on Tuesday with a scheduled stationary ride of an hour and 22 minutes. I couldn’t finish the ride because my ass was killing me. Selle Italia SLR saddles are insanely comfortable…unless you’re wearing a cheap/thin chamois in your shorts. In cases like that, it’s a whole mountain of “aw, fuck”… I wasn’t able to finish Wednesday night’s ride because of the lingering pain. In fact, I had to bow out before the halfway mark. I’m surprisingly okay with this because I know that training plans have little setbacks here and there.

There’s a new mindset surrounding my cycling and my diet, and I think I like it. I’ve become more methodical, I prep things ahead of time — it’s like I’m back in the army. I’m eating more healthy stuff and cutting out the junk — and even preparing stuff with a mind toward leftovers that can be easily re-heated after I am done at the gym. Today, lunch was a grilled chicken breast on a bun, a garden salad, skim milk, and water (pictured). Breakfasts have been fresh fruit and oatmeal. My soda consumption has dropped precipitously, and with it, Pepsico’s stock price.

It’s going to be an interesting year. I think I could surprise some people.

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  1. Getting started is always the tough part, but once you have momentum, it will seem like no big deal.

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