Training Continues

Weight room at the OTC in Colorado Springs. From Flickr user klm_digital_snaps. CC licensed.

I wasn’t terribly consistent last week in my training. The good news, though, is I can already feel my body starting to respond to the stresses I’m putting on it.

Last night, I did 90 minutes of E2 (endurance work, zones 1 and 2) on the stationary trainer. It, like most stationary work, is rather bland. However, I felt noticeably stronger than I did two weeks ago, and when you compare my heart rate and my power output, I’m noticeably producing more power at similar heart rates. Very good.

Tonight: weights.

I’m still not in the strength-building phase — that doesn’t begin until the week of February 28th. Tonight, though, I’ll be adding a new exercise to each of my areas (upper, lower, and core). Thus, tonight will look like this:


  • bench press
  • dumbbell shrug
  • bicep curl
  • seated row*


  • squat
  • hamstring curl
  • calf press
  • dumbbell lunge*


  • reverse crunch
  • back extension
  • crunch
  • side plank*

* New exercise this week.

So I think that — for now — the switch to Snap Fitness is sufficient for my basic needs. The close locale certainly makes getting there a lot easier, and makes me more inclined to go on a regular basis.