Training Programs

So I’ve been reading Joe Friel’s the Cyclist’s Training Bible, which has been an awesome and informative read. Again. And I’m ready to sit down and build myself a training program. The task is daunting, though — it’s been years since I’ve had to implement one, and when I was implementing them for myself they weren’t that great because I was too attached to the subject matter. I let my motivation and desire to do well override my common sense when it came to things like rest, recovering from illness, etc., and it turned me into an over-trained, burned-out mess.

I think I’ve opted to go the route of his TrainingPeaks site. I can’t afford the multiple hundreds of dollars (monthly) for a true coach/program, but I can afford a one-year package through TrainingPeaks. So that’s on my agenda for the year.

I’ll be posting here about my experiences with the program, and how well it prepares me for the upcoming season of road, track, and cyclocross. Being the geek that I am, I may even talk about the information architecture and the usability of the site itself.