Training Underway

Prep for the 2011 racing season has begun. The training plan is outlined, and specific workouts are planned through the Base 1 period. Spent two hours in the gym this morning before work — an hour beating the shit out of my core muscles, and another hour on the bike (S2). Same amount of time tomorrow morning — only with an hour of E2 riding and an hour of weights (testing to determine Max 1-Rep).

Need to get my heart rate monitor a new battery. I had to do today’s ride entirely by “feel” — fortunately I’ve done enough of this to understand what Zone 1/2 feel like.

Still waiting on the MCF calendar to come out so that I can finalize my race calendar. Right now, I’m planning on racing three disciplines — road, track and cyclocross. And I’ll be riding with Birchwood again this year.

Once I’ve finalized the race schedule, I’ll post it here.