Got a busy day today.  Launching phase two of a site for a Fortune 100 client today, along with a bunch of other little stuff I have to do.  Going to keep me on my toes.  Then, after work, I’m headed out for a burger/beers with Alex, where we can chit-chat about bikes, etc.

Tonight, once home, I plan to do the following:

  • clean the kitchen
  • pick up the living room Kate took care of this already because she is super awesomesauce.
  • pick up the basement
  • get my bike and gear sorted out for the return to outdoor riding on Thursday
  • get the Arduino stuff out and get some breakaway headers soldered to the ANT+ board, math out the voltage stepdown from Arduino to ANT+ (time permitting)
  • start planning my #bikeschool hosting for next week

Fortunately, I can stay up a little later as I have tomorrow off due to some medical stuff I need taken care of in the morning.  It’ll also be nice to have a little bit of downtime with Kate while the boys are at daycare.