Two Bike Items


Yesterday, I made great headway on the work. I got Justin’s front triangle advanced quite nicely — I finished the hand-mitering of the DT/BB/ST intersection and got it brazed to together. All I need to do is check the alignment of the DT and take any twist out of the HT, and it’ll be ready for the top tube, which is already halfway through the mitering process. Paul’s road frame saw some excellent process, too — I finished the clean-up of the chainstays and chased out the BB threads before putting it on The Rack™ and aligning the chainstays. During my time there, I also patched-up the muffler for my father-in-law’s snowmobile, and took some measurements and notes on the rear-end fixture, as I’m probably going to build one of my own while I have access to Wyganowski’s mill and lathe.

In the funding side of the equation, I’m seriously considering stripping down my cyclocross bike and selling the frame/fork at the upcoming Bike Swap in February in order to fund some more framebuilding gear. Additionally, I’m thinking about setting up a Kickstarter project to raise some funds by releasing all my old fonts under the GPL — give $X and I’ll release the fonts, with their source files.


Well, it’s underway. Into the second week, now, and I have today off. Tomorrow morning, I have a spinning class at 6am, following by a half-hour of weights. So far, so good. I’m going to start phasing in my training diet shortly — slow carb — and use that as part of my campaign to shed weight. I’ll also be cutting soda out in its entirety.