So it’s Thursday morning. Last night, I went up to Princeton after work and did some work on the lugged commuter frame. Basically, I just did some clean-up work on the lugs (sanding off excess silver) and worked on getting the bottom bracket sockets adjusted to match the angle of the chainstays, which I’ll be dropping in on Sunday. I only stayed for about three hours.

I came home. I watched the last of the four Futurama movies before Kate got home. We went to bed early.

Last night the artist who’s doing my head badge design sent me my first bit of concept art. I like it. I’m trying to come up with some feedback for her on the subject, of course. I’m sure you’re curious as to how it’s coming along, so I’ll share the first prototype here:

Head Badge Concept #1
First head badge concept for Pallas Athena Custom Cycles.

While dwelling on her work this morning, I had some interesting ideas for collaborative projects that I need to pick her brain about as well.

Now I’m pumped up and energized about getting back to the frames on Sunday. Not that I wasn’t before, mind you.

Tonight after work, I have a quick meeting with Vince Dominguez. I need to pick his brain on a few things. More on that later, though.

4 thoughts on “Untitled”

    • Actually, I’m leaning toward leaving the claws empty and reaching like it were going after prey, and moving the two crossed spears to the background.

      • That totally works, too. Should give the badge a smaller footprint, too. Awesome on the graphics! I’ve got some sweet red stuff lined up – Salsa seatpost collar, Race Face handlebar, Clarks Skeletal brakes (red levers and discs).

    • Also, for your frame, I’m working on tracking down the vector artwork for the 1st Viper Squadron (“Primus” “First in the Fleet”) to put on the sides of the top tube.

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