Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I’ve fallen back into old habits with minor nonsensical posts. Who cares about to-do lists and accomplishment lists? Yeah, me neither. What can I say? Things have been a bit crazy lately, and as a result, I haven’t really been posting much here. But! But things are evolving. And that’s awesome.

Working on Me

I continue to work on evolving myself into something more than what I’ve been. There hasn’t been an update on this topic as a whole in quite awhile, and there’s reasons for that. I’ve continued to go to therapy weekly, which has been helping a great deal, and I’ve been tweaking my ADD meds over the last couple of months, trying to find something that functions as it should, but without all the “fun” side effects. Adderall makes me irritable as fuck regardless of dose, and at the doses necessary to keep me functioning, it reduces my libido. So I switched to Vyvanse back on the 4th of this month. If Adderall can be considered to reduce my libido, Vyvanse smothers it with a pillow, whispering, “Shh, shhhh, don’t fight it. It will all be okay.”1

As far as the mild depression goes, the Wellbutrin continues to do good work. I’d like to get off it eventually, but I think that that’s going to require some greater change to habits — specifically, I need to exercise more regularly, and I need to make a habit of completing what I do.

So I’ve moved on from The Betterment Project to something I am calling Astronaut Unicorn2, and that’s been interesting. Right now, I’m working on a first principles. Specifically: how am I going to define whether or not I am successful. The goal being to have KPIs3 — real, attainable goals, with realistic timelines. Effectively, I am building a life strategy, and developing the goals I want to meet along the way.

Where I am also lacking is in the tactics — firmly establishing a methodology for accomplishing my goals, which has a few things that need to be considered as well. Effectively, I must figure out how to achieve those goals, and then project manage them, and myself (maintenance of mind, body, spirit, etc., etc.) in order to keep driving ahead toward completion.

Other Stuff

So with the heavy stuff out of the way, I’ve had other things going on — moved from one contract to another, plus I’ve been picking up a TON of freelance work, which will be helpful in getting the bills paid down, and all that happy logistical crap, but it’s also good for being satisfied with myself. I’m applying my knowledge and my talent in a way that benefits me, but also other people. And that’s hugely important to me.

The three-week break between contracts was useful. It gave me an opportunity to breathe and think about what was coming next. I had some great insights about work environment and how it relates to my success, and I think it’s super helpful. Later, I’ll write a whole, lengthy piece on the subject. I also used that time to get way ahead of the curve on my reading goal for the year (55 books). [Edit, a year later: 2017 was a really good year for reading.]

So yeah. That’s what’s been shaking.

Upcoming Posts

  • My 2016 Reading Analysis (way overdue).
  • More on the ADD Chronicles.
  • A multi-part piece on building a robust WordPress environment, which is based on something I’m doing now.