Valentine’s Day

Shit yeah, it’s going to be a sexy Valentine’s Day today. I’m going to change the litterboxes, clean the kitchen, and finish the wedding website today.

We actually spent the weekend in a schwanky hotel downtown. It was lovely. We ate dinner out, saw friends briefly on Saturday, and had a very relaxing time. Nothing beats alone-time with Kate.

Home now. Cats, especially Calvin, are all needy.

Things that have nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, or otherwise, that I feel the need to point out:

  • Everything from China is Full of Lead — yes, I made this. Yes, it was very funny at the time.
  • Probably going to post a couple of fonts to this site today. Word.
  • Might also include a new WP theme that I’ve been tinkering with.
  • Trying to decide what to do for a class after the framebuilding apprenticeship is done. I can do tae kwon do for free*, or I can take judo for inexpensive.
  • Twelve-ish weeks until my first race of the year. It’ll be a good gauge as to how things are coming along.

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