Very Much In Love

This will come as a newsflash to no one: I am still wildly in love with Kate.

About three months from now, we’ll be tying the knot, and I’m pretty excited about that. (Yes, you can expect a lot of pictures being posted here.) So excited, in fact, that I am having trouble writing my wedding vows. My mind is all over the map when it comes time to sit down and write. God help me, I may have to write an outline, just to get my thoughts in order.

It’s amazing how one person can come along and totally rearrange your notions of love, marriage and family.

1 thought on “Very Much In Love

  1. You SHOULD write an outline. And a word cloud. And many rough drafts. And probably a short emergency speech in case someone puts you on the spot during the reception.

    Just don’t feel too much pressure about it – this is a big deal in the sense that it’s the one time you’ll stand up and pledge your commitment to each other in front of friends & family but it is neither the first nor last expression of love you’ll make & it certainly does not need to be an all-encompassing list of all of your feelings for one another. You have the rest of your lives to say anything to Kate that doesn’t make it into the vows.

    The best vows (especially if you’re a crier like I am) are short & easy to squeak out through a shaky voice. I think you’d be bummed if you wrote a carefully worded Obama speech and couldn’t get it all out perfectly.

    Make it personal (the whole love, honor, protect thing is implied by the wedding itself, so I’d skip that to save room for better material if I were you) and keep it light (I’m sure everyone will already be knee-deep in a puddle of happy tears so it never hurts to say something that will make everyone laugh) but you’re a great writer & you’re very in touch with your feelings so I’m sure the rest will fall into place no matter what words you choose.

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