Veterans Day and Assorted Things

Big ups to all who have served or are in the process of serving. Extra big ups to everyone I served with from 1991 to 1998. You guys are family, even if we didn’t always get along. Also, a big thanks to the people of the Minneapolis VA Hospital for their professionalism, their caring attitude, and the ability to get me through an entire battery of tests, physical therapy, and more tests in a manner that is both timely and thorough.

All that said, there are other things going on here in Dan Land that I should address.

SAD has hit me like a ton of bricks this year. My god, it’s tough to focus on anything. And I sleep constantly. This has got to stop. I need to get a sun lamp — and soon. Plus some Vitamin D supplements. And more exercise.

On the subject of more exercise, I’ve been hammering out the training program for the 2010 season. As of right now, my phases are all fixed in-place. I merely need to do my LTHR, Wingate, and CP60 tests to see where I’m at, and this week, I can start hitting it hard. That should alleviate some of this seasonal affective crap. So I should really take care of the testing tonight.

I haven’t really laid out any solid goals for the season, other than that I want to do really well. I’ve set my peaks around the state road race championship and the state cyclocross championship. Two three-week long race sessions. And between now and the week of Dec. 26, 2010, I have about 600 hours of training time. My hopes? Well, I’m not going to discuss those here. Let’s just use that cliché about my eyes being bigger than my stomach.