Vikings-Cowboys Thoughts

So here’s what I liked from the Vikes game yesterday:

1. E.J. Henderson’s pick in the fourth quarter. It’s good to see E.J. back on-form and healthy. He’s the heart and soul of our linebacking corps, and the pick in the fourth quarter was absolutely textbook. He showed blitz, dropped into coverage, then came forward and was concealed behind the D-line. When the throw came, no QB could have seen him — unless they were about eight feet tall. Beautiful.

2. Harvin’s Kickoff Return for TD. A beautiful run set up by great blocking, and Harvin did an exceptional job of slipping that first tackle without missing stride.

3. Moss’s Selfless Attitude Post-Game. For a guy who went 4 catches for 55 yards, Moss reacted exactly the opposite of what most people expected — he was fired-up and positive, which is awesome.

4. Favre’s Low “Pitch Count”. If you look at last year’s stats, we lost whenever Favre went over 34 passes per game. That’s held true into this year, too. Keeping his number of attempts low is going to save the elbow, and probably our season, too.

Here’s what I didn’t like:

1. Jared Allen’s virtual absence from the pass rush. The dude has been virtually silent all year. What gives, Jared? I mean, hell, I just got married too, but you don’t see me slacking off.

2. O-line’s continued inability to block. This was strongly evidenced by Peterson’s ~3.0 YPC and Favre getting hammered repeatedly. What the hell is going on? I mean, other than Bryant McKinnie, who seems to be interested in everything except football.

3. Bernard Berrian. From what I saw, this ass-clown got us more penalty yards than downfield progress. At this point, he’s a waste of space and time on the field, and will be even more redundant when Rice returns. Trade him, and if no one bites, just cut his ass.