Web/Identity Progress

So yeah, the website is coming along nicely. Some minor tweaks to the stylesheet and the conversion from flat HTML to WordPress template should be done by the end of this week. So I’m pretty stoked about that. I’ve got the logotype design finalized, as well, and you can get a sneak peek:

Pallas Athena
The downtube logotype.

This coming weekend, sandwiched between two rides of 50 and 100 miles, respectively, I’ll be working on finalizing the artwork for the headtube badge. This particular art will also be going onto the business cards, which I have to tinker with the design of, and get to my letterpress geek.

Minnecycle 2 is coming up in July and I need to be ready for it. That means getting the 29’er done and off to paint — soon. And those head badges done and ordered.

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    • Hey thanks! Took forever to find a good script font for it. Going to be using this logotype for ~4-5 years before starting with a new one.

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