Weekend, Food, Etc.

Well, I was all gung-ho about racing ‘cross this weekend, but that’s off the calendar. I was going to race Saturday, but that’s all the way up in Fargo. Too damn far to drive for a single race. I’ll settle for hammering a couple of hot laps in a local park and doing some mount/dismount practice.

Some cookin’ is on the agenda for the weekend. Since Sunday is the Vikes-49ers game, I will probably get up and take a stab at a pierogie pizza. The whole concept is something I cannot ignore and sounds like it would be a good game-time food.

Also have a chimmichurri recipe that I’m dying to try — we discovered the Agentinean green sauce while we were in Vegas, and fell in love with it.

In other news, we’ve had to move our wedding date because our locale and the associated hotel rooms are inundated by the Bayside Blues Festival. Dammit. Now I gotta wait another two weeks to marry Kate. Ah well. She’s definitely worth the wait.

I am sleepy. Work is too long today. I want a beer. And a nap.