Weekend, Fuck Yes

Fuck yeah I had an awesome weekend.

Friday night, Kate and I went to a bonfire at the house of one of her coworkers. It was a pretty good time, except for the punk-ass neighborhood kids who decided it would be awesome fun to throw pears at us from the alley. Cowardly little bitches ran off, of course.

Saturday, I woke up early. My first stop of the morning was at my mom’s place, to wish her happy birthday and to drop off her present and card. She seemed quite pleased with the trio of Hitchcock movies that I had for her on DVD. After spending some time chatting with her, I drove down to Burnsville to pick up my brother for his birthday gift.

As I mentioned in my pre-scheduled Saturday post, I’m building him a custom frame and then hanging the parts on it. He was very excited by all of this. So we got him measured, then we went and had lunch at the Bulldog NE before making a brief stop at my place to have him spend a few minutes spinning on my road frame so I could do a visual comparison of what their measurements indicated versus what my eyeballs told me. He offered to take care of my brake pads on my car for me, so we took care of that back at his place. After that, I came home, picked up Kate (after she had some naptime), and then we went back to Burnsville for Paul’s birthday party, which was pretty awesome. Kate and I got home at some ungodly hour of the morning.

Sunday came a little too early for my tastes. I was up a little earlier than I needed to be, so I watched one of the Futurama movies on the iPad (Netflix streaming FTW). When my day finally got moving, I drove to Eden Prairie to see Dave, my mechanic, who swapped out the spark plugs in my WRX for me — on a normal car, that falls within the realm of my abilities, but the WRX, like most Subarus, has the boxer engine and you have to gut the engine compartment to get to the plugs. Crazy!

After the trip to the mechanic, I headed up to Princeton to build, and was pleasantly surprised by the 29er having a complete paint job. I’m not 100% happy with the way it came out, but it’s good enough for my first bike. In addition to the glee factor, I did some work on the lugged commuter, and did a formal blueprint for the pursuit frame that I need to have done for next spring (track racing FTW).

All in all, a fantastic weekend. Monday after I’m done at the office, I’m going to build up the 29er, and after the Vikes-Jets game, I’ll probably give it a short spin.

By my account, the only thing that sucked about the weekend was the Twins getting swept by the Yankees.

Image Credits: skitterphoto.com/Creative Commons Zero (CC0).