Weekend Fun

So the weekend is kicking off with some fun — the kid’s going to the babysitter, and Kate and I are going to have a quick dinner at Mac’s Industrial before going to the Atmosphere concert tonight. A good time will be had.

Tomorrow, Eddy starts swimming lessons. Holy crap! My little guy is getting so big! He and I will be teaming up on some housework that afternoon as Kate goes off for a haircut and to get lunch with a friend. Wedged in there should be the final organization of the workshop, and getting production back on-schedule. This means a weekend of scrambling around like a fucking lunatic. And that’s fine. The cool part is that there’ll be timelapses shot of my workshop time, and I’ll be putting a video up online, too.

Sunday, well, you know. More workshop time. Yard work. Housework. At least, that’s the plan.