Weekend Miscellany

It’s Sunday night, and rather than break this all down day by day like I do with my normal weekend recap post, I’m going to drop this one by subject.

The Fam

The kids were a mix of fun and trying this weekend. On Saturday, while Kate was at work, we hung out and played quite a bit. Eddy didn’t want to watch TV, which was nuts, and the three of us spent a lot of time playing with their cars and assorted accouterments on the floor. Sunday was less fun — Eddy was being super-naught for most of the morning, and it was very hard to keep my cool and not yell.

Made sure Kate had a nice Mother’s Day — flowers, cards, brownies, and a spa gift card. Tried to keep her as uninvolved in the day-to-day stuff as possible.

House Hunt

After signing with a realtor on Thursday night, we saw our first house of the hunt on Friday night. It was in St. Louis Park, it was about $20K less than our max spend, and it looked really good on the listing. In reality, it had some issues. Which was disappointing. But, onward and upward. We’re looking in SLP, south Minneapolis, and maybe some parts of Bloomington. We’ll see how it plays out.


No major update on the CX frame project this week — I had limited time, and all I did was tweak some chainstay slotting and then get the dropouts brazed in. Given my minimal progress this weekend, I’m not posting a full-length update on the project this week. Next week, I’ll be getting the chainstays brazed-on, and get started on the seatstays.


Been working on my big, bad-assed theme this weekend — and came up with ideas for two others. I’ve done some light scribbling on both of these, but I’m not going to put too many brain cycles into them until the first one is done.