Weekend Recap

So Friday was date night, which was much-needed. Kate and I went to the new Vertical Endeavors in Minneapolis and climbed for a bit, then ate dinner at the Bulldog in Uptown. Good good stuff.

Saturday was mixed. I woke up early to re-pack Fang’s bike for shipment to Singapore. While doing so, I noticed that the bucket of hydrochloric acid had remained uncovered for a couple of days, and that the airborne corrosion had turned a bunch of items brown, including a couple of frames that had been ready to go to paint…and the disc brake rotors on my niner. Didn’t have time to address it then, so I capped off the bucket and then we went to the in-laws’ place to help them load up the truck to move up north. That took far longer than I expected — I wasn’t much help, with as bad as my back has been lately. From there, it was off to home — at which point, I have very little memory. I wasn’t drinking or anything — I simply don’t remember what else happened that day.

Sunday, I woke up early. I mowed the lawn and then started in with the weed whacker. It stopped auto-feeding new cable and started grinding like it was about to explode (blown bearing?) — so I had to drive it to the repair place at the Apple Valley Home Depot. After that, I scrubbed litterboxes, and then got down to business in the garage. Cleaned up my three (assembled steeds) — the 29er, the TT bike, and the road bike. Then I started cleaning up frames. Ugh. That’s going to continue on into tonight, too.

Tonight: dropping Kate’s car off for new tires, doing a couple loads of laundry, frame clean-up.