Weekend Recap

Pretty good weekend, actually. Started on Friday night with some low-key time with the wife and kid. Saturday, Eddy and I went and visited nana (grandma), then swung by Grand Performance to visit with Johnny Surprise for a bit. Then, Kate, Eddy, and I went to visit the tax guy for some signatures, and then had lunch together at Wildcats. Sunday, nana came over while Kate was at work, and she watched Eddy while I puttered about in the workshop and such.


  • housework
  • tubes for another project marked up and ready to miter
  • finished off the HTML5/CSS stuff in Codecademy, started in on Javascript
  • lots of play time with Eddy
  • some minor Battlefield 3 time

Isn’t This the Old Format?

I know I had mentioned getting away from stuff like this, but I’m about to leave for work and don’t have a really deep, insightful post in me yet. (I am undercaffeinated and overtired.) So yeah, that change is still coming. Eventually.