Weekend Recap

The Lawn

For the first time ever, our lawn looks better than the neighbors’ — only because I was the first one to break out the lawnmower. I used the time to put eyeballs on things around the house that need to be addressed (the deck needs some work), but mostly I just plowed through what I had to do, as Kate wanted to get out of there for her Mother’s Day dinner. We’re probably going to invest in a leaf blower (due to my bad upper back), and some serious crabgrass control.

The Bike Stuff

Fabrication, and lots of it. Along with working on a new logo design. I don’t know if this one will stick, but I sure like it so far. Here’s the third screenshot:

Logo, Third Phase

Not sure about the placement of the lightning bolt yet. Not sure about the claws, either — they kind of blend in with the tailfeathers. Maybe make them holding a spear? Something.

The fabrication work was rewarding, too:


Eddy Time

Man, this kid is fun. We hung out while Kate was at work and played a lot.

At El Loro

At El Loro, he was pretty fascinated with the mariachi band, and when they were playing our table, he was pretty transfixed…except for the sudden loud words. The first time, he jumped. The second time, he started to cry, which was kind of hysterical.