Weekend Recap

So the weekend was pretty awesome.

It began on Friday around 1pm, when I blew out of the office and headed up to Princeton to get my hands dirty in the workshop. The big task of the night was getting the seatstays for Paul’s road bike mitered and attached. I started with a plan to tuck them under the binder bolt on the seat lug, but did not like the way it was looking, so I mitered them down and made fastbacks out of them. That sucked up a majority of my time and I did get them tacked on before I left for home.

Saturday I slept in the latest I have since the honeymoon (was that really six months ago?), not in celebration of the sixmonthiversary or anything, but just because I needed some rest for once. I read, I lounged, and then I ran errands. Haircut, carwash, etc.

Sunday, I woke up and did some housework — primarily the litterboxes — before heading up to the workshop again. Got there, got settled in, and began to kick some serious ass. I accomplished the following:

  • Got serious headway on finishing the fillets on the front triangle of Justin’s 26er. Also got his chainstays tinned.
  • Got Paul’s road frame complete, except for fillet clean-up on the fastback seatstays and the cable stops (which I forgot to order).
  • Got the fillets built-up on the front triangle of Fang’s 29er.
  • Did some minor touch-up work with silver on my personal commuter frame.

All in all, great progress. Very excited about that.

The drive home from the workshop took about 40 minutes longer than usual — it was horribly slick and snowing at a good clip, so I took my time and was cautious. I did nearly get creamed by a Blazer who slid through an intersection sideways while I was sitting at a red light. His back end missed my mirror by inches, which means his rear bumper probably missed my passenger door by millimeters. I also stopped at Target to get shit to treat my burns with as the pain was getting to me and made it difficult to grasp the steering wheel with my left hand.