Weekend So Far

Man, I was going to “sleep in” today — and by sleep in, I mean “not set an alarm.” I still woke up at 0630. So lame.

Busy day, yesterday. Got the electrical work in the garage done — three overhead, hardwired fluorescent lights. And got a new 20-amp circuit done, and four new outlets along one wall. My father-in-law put in a large amount of labor, being an electrician and all.

Next weekend is the insulation/drywall process.

Got a great ride in afterwards on the 29er over at Murphy-Hanrehan. Some n00b idiot on a Trek Top Fuel that clearly thought that an expensive bike made him a better rider (despite at least 50 pounds of gut straining at his spandex) started talking shit about my full-rigid steel singlespeed. I brushed it off and let my riding do the talking. Great ride. Especially after I dropped him like a bad habit (which was pretty much instantly).

Today, I wanna be sedated get some housework done, work on some frames, and maybe watch the Vikings.