Weekend Update


  • had an MRI/x-ray series of the cervical and lumbar sections of my spine
  • pizza & movie night with the family


  • hung out with the boys in the morning
  • cooked fried chicken for dinner (my batter recipe needs work)
  • finished The Hobbit, which I’d (strangely) never read before
  • went to the Omnium Bike Shop end-of-year party/auction


  • woke up early, with a back that felt better than it has in months
  • did a bunch of housework
  • half-heartedly watched some football
  • read books
  • did other stuff that was so awesome, I blanked out on it just now

Maybe I’ll get the MRI/x-ray imagery off the DVD they gave me and post it here. Maybe.

What did you do this weekend?