Weekend Update

Holy shit what a weekend. Got a ton of shit accomplished on Saturday…and then spent Sunday flat on my back because I pushed too hard too quickly and my chest cold came roaring back with a vengeance starting late on Saturday night. NyQuil and I got reacquainted after a long break. It was miserable.

So what’d I do? In order, I:

  • clean the fuuuuuck out of the kitchen
  • made a Home Depot run for a scythe (the backyard is out of control, a story for another time)
  • made a Penn Cycle run for small parts for Eddy’s bike
  • dropped off some donations at Goodwill
  • finished the rebuild of Eddy’s bike, including the full disassembly and rebuild of a SRAM Microshift T-25-7, which the Internet said couldn’t be done…fuck you, Internet
  • cleaned out the car
  • took the car to the place to have the exterior and interior washed/vacuumed
  • prepped my road bike for a Sunday ride that didn’t end up happening *sadface*
  • mowed the front lawn
  • took Eddy to dinner at Town Hall Tap
  • weed whacked and scythed the unmowable parts of the front lawn
  • went to Target for NyQuil
  • took NyQuil, passed the fuuuuuuuuck out

So now it’s Monday and I’m back at the office. I’m feeling better, but not 100%. So I took some DayQuil and I’m grinding through the to-do list at the office. Woo! I wish I’d been able to capitalize on Saturday’s momentum on Sunday, but whatevs. If I’m 100% tonight, I’ll start tackling some more shit.

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