Weekend Update

So I’m home from my Memorial Day Weekend. I’ve got a few small splotches of sunburn (top of right foot, front of right shoulder), I’m friggin’ exhausted, and if I see another airplane again this week, I might throw myself down a flight of stairs.

As I’ve mentioned here previously, Kate is traveling for work, leaving me living the pseudo-bachelor lifestyle. This weekend, her employer paid for me to head to North Carolina (Wilmington) to visit. They’re good to their people, and indirectly very good to me.


I blew out of the house at 7 a.m., caught a bus downtown and jumped the light rail to the airport. For a weekend like this, I’m a one-bag kind of guy. Layover in Charlotte. Excellent people-watching.

Got to the airport, met Kate. Hugs. Leave airport. Hit Chick-Fil-A for late lunch/early dinner. Go back to the hotel and have a nap together. Wake up. Go out drinking/dancing. 80’s cover band. A bar called Southpaw. Some dance club — not my scene and had to walk up five flights of stairs to get to it. From there to Waffle House for food, hilarity in the form of a waitress named “Bunny”, and some seriously stoned dude sitting in the booth next to ours. Awesome!


Slept in a bit. Dunkin Donuts for breakfast on the way to the beach. Spent some time lazing in the sun. Had finished Jay Lake’s Escapement by this point, started new stab at Stephenson’s Anathem (the autographed copy I won). Lots of clockwork in this fiction lately. Went home. Ate Chick-Fil-A again. Another nap. Saddled up and went out on the Haunted Pub Crawl, which was seriously awesome.

Talked about famous hauntings and sightings in Wilmington — not sure how much I believe, but it was still pretty cool. Afterwards, it was back to the hotel again for more sleep!


Slept in holy friggin’ late. Went to go see Star Trek, but were foiled by it being sold out. Wound up experiencing Southern hospitality at its finest in the form of a seafood boil at one of Kate’s co-worker’s homes. I sat at the far end of the table and ate grilled chicken. More sleeping!


Woke up. Had another run at Dunkin Donuts on the way to the beach. Had to stop for about an hour after witnessing a car crash that looked bad (but only looked that way). After making a statement, we finished our run to the beach, where we got shit on by a seagull. Then we watched three kids get dragged in from the rip by a lifeguard. Back to the hotel where we showered, and I packed. Went to eat Mexican food. Went to the airport. Flight delayed. Layover in Charlotte. Flight delayed at gate and on the runway. Got to sit between two crying babies. (“How to make mute babby?”) Arrived in Minneapolis after midnight. Missed 12:27 train by nine minutes. Mom came to get me, just having finished her late shift at the VA. Got dropped off at home around 1:40. Finally fell asleep around 3:00.

All in all, though, an awesome vacation. I’m back here now, missing Kate — it gets harder every time we do this, but it’s better than the alternative (not seeing her). So yeah. My first real vacation in years and it was fun, inexpensive, and fun. Did I mention fun?