Hello, Internets. It was a pretty good weekend, as usual.

Friday, I left work early — later than I intended, but still early. I hit up Home Despot for a bunch of supplies for the framebuilding venture. Spent almost $400 on stuff, and have been getting things arranged. Photos to follow soon. Pretty excited.

After that, I met Kate over at Target where she was doing some shopping. We rustled up some BLT ingredients and had that for dinner. Had a good talk about our future plans, some minor conflict we’ve been having, and felt really good about it after we talked.

Saturday, I did my bike shop shift, which was fun, as usual. Sold a few, fixed a few, had a good time. Afterwards, we went out with Matt and Jenni, and Cindy and Adam joined us. It was karaoke night at Northeast Palace, and Kate showed off the pipes, which are doing much better since she’s quit smoking! She and Matt belted out “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and we got to see two girls in wife-beaters high five each other mid-song. Holy shit, life was complete.

Sunday, you know. Framebuilding. Short shift since my focus was building up some fillets on the now-decontaminated BB shell and dropouts on the 29er frame. Was only there about two hours, got the fillets built and came home. Stopped by mom’s to return her Dremel tool (got one of my own now) and to pick up her saw for use on the workbench. Hit up Micro Center, then Target for a new backup drive for the desktop since the old one shit the bed in spectacular fashion (grindy noises, ozone smell) on Saturday, and got that hooked up. Also did some housework, moved the workbench supplies into the basement, and so on.

Monday I’ve got the gym in the morning (planning on running), the office, then the bike shop job.