Weekly List of Hatreds #1

I let my old Daily List of Hatreds domain lapse, because I realized I didn’t have enough rage/angst to actually write a list every day. I think, however, that I might have enough things that annoy me in a given week to make this a regular feature. We’ll see.

This week:

  • The slow healing wound on my left thumb, where I turned it to hamburger on a wire-brush wheel on the bench grinder last weekend. Pissing me off — keeps splitting open and bleeding.
  • My iPhone. The piece of shit only works in speakerphone mode now. I’ve tried doing the complete reset and nothing seems to change. Lame!
  • The stationary trainer. No more tedious method of riding a bicycle exists at this time. And I have a 90-minute session on it tonight. Ugh. Can you say “audiobooks”, bitches? I knew you could!
  • My utter lack of a social life lately. It sucks balls.

5 thoughts on “Weekly List of Hatreds #1

  1. This is very negative but probably a valuable outlet.

    Turbo trainers are fine. You just need the right music.

    Surprised about the iphone tho.

    • Yeah, when I first started doing this, a long, long time ago (2003-ish), it was a very valuable outlet. I literally had to do it daily. Now I think a weekly thing might be good.

      I tried the music thing on Wednesday night — a mix of techno, metal, and gangsta rap — and it just wasn’t working for me. It’s probably because that’s good music for intervals, and right now I’m doing slow/easy endurance work.

      Yeah, I am too. The problem’s been there for awhile. I’m just getting more irate about it.

      I’ll be at the Mall of America on Monday night for an eye exam and getting new contacts, so I may just hit up the Apple Store and see what they can tell me about it, if anything.

  2. Go get some liquid band-aid and apply several layers to that thumb. That stuff works like a charm when I get shredded by cats and scrape my knuckles on the bricks.

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