Weirdest Job Moment Ever

Not sure why I’m thinking about this now, but the weirdest moment I ever had at a job, I was standing in line at an eatery with my boss, who was in his fifties. Public Enemy was on the radio, and I was bobbing my head with the beat while waiting for my food, not really thinking much of the situation…and then right on cue with the music, Bossman busts out with, “Black to the bone my home is your home/But welcome to the Terrordome.”

We never spoke of it. It was too surreal for me to bring up in conversation.

6 thoughts on “Weirdest Job Moment Ever

  1. I get a small sample of that on days when I start browsing the publically shared iTunes libraries for various coworkers on the corporate LAN and seeing the shy, quiet marketing girl has a big thing for GWAR

    • I do miss being able to do that — the iTunes browse.

      You know what else I miss? OurTunes working. My god, the fun you could have in a coffee shop with free wi-fi.

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