Wild Times

I’ve been pretty remiss in updating this blog lately, and I’m sure that all two of my readers are highly disappointed by the lack of tripe multiple times per week. So, yeah, sorry about that. Things have been more than a little bit crazy around here. The kids are well, and healthy. The job hunt continues, with a few promising interviews having gone down in the past week. Bicycling–building and riding–has stalled with the shitty weather. I’ve been doing some writing, some of which I hope to get self-published on Amazon in the coming months. The big news is:

We’re selling the house.

We’d planned on getting out of here in late 2014 or in 2015, to get something a little more in-line with our needs. Even though we’ve only been here about three years, we’re not upside-down on the mortgage, as our market value has gone up a good amount, and we’ve actually paid down the principal of the loan. Things are actually looking good, too–the market in our area is hot, with high demand and low supply.

So where are we going? Chaska. Kate’s parents have a rental property that we can move into so we can repair the financial hemorrhaging we’ve been doing since I left my previous employer last summer. The coolest part is that we’re right near the bike trailhead that goes straight into downtown Minneapolis, so if I want to commute to a new job via bike, it’ll be fast, safe, and a non-convoluted route.

We’re planning on putting the house on the market on Monday, March 9th. We started packing about three days ago. As you can imagine, we have a LOT to do.

The Job Hunt

The pace here is really picking up quite a bit. I’ve been getting recruiter calls left and right and finding a plethora of intriguing roles out there that I’ve been applying to like mad. I had two interviews last week, both of which I felt highly positive about, and I’ve got another bunch of résumés out there. I’m still looking further afield than Minnesota, and I’m expanding my circle of roles a bit, too. Something will pan out soon.


I haven’t been as productive as I’d like to have been on the email marketing book. That’s largely because as unemployment insurance ran out, Kate started taking more hours at the swim school to help cover the shortfall, and I started having to commit 99% of my time to watching the kids. I’m not complaining by any stretch — it’s simply the reality of the situation.

The Kids

Eddy’s language development is coming along — in the last month, he’s been parroting a lot more, even if the words don’t lock in. He’s also using “car-car” and “truck-car” on a regular basis. Other than a stomach bug a couple of weeks back, he’s been doing great.

Sam’s coming along, too. This morning, he started rolling over from tummy to back. He’s very fascinated with faces and will hold extended “conversations” in babble while smiling like a goon. He and I are also a lot more simpático than we used to be, which is nice. He definitely picks up on mood I approach him with, so I try to be a lot more Zen about it. Hooray for mirror neurons, because it totally works.


Craziness abounds. I may not be able to regularly update for the next few weeks, but I’ll try.