Writing Again. Shit.

So recently, I’ve started writing again. I can’t help it. I’ve been having late-night brainstorms about where to take this novel that I’ve been thinking about. Granted, I’m only writing about 500 words per day, and right now I’m just dumping stuff to a file for later assembly into a story, but so far I’ve managed to banish the internal editor that just craps out after 1000 words. (I thank my therapist for that — I seem to be resolving a bunch of my anxiety issues.)

Still. There’s a lot of other shit I need to be doing in life, and writing is not one of those things.

Influences on the story: the idea/core concept is very much like something Phillip K. Dick would have come up with. I’m writing in the third person, present tense — and blame Stephenson’s Snow Crash for that. Trying to work in some serious snark/sarcastic humor similar to Scalzi.

We’ll see how this plays out.