Writing, Biking, Life, Fonts

So I’ve figured out the markets I’ll be submitting these two new stories to — the first one I started is going to start the Grand Tour of Rejection at Strange Horizons, and the second will start the journey at F&SF. I will have to do the smart thing and create a spreadsheet to track all my rejections, and I’m okay with that, because as a project manager, I’m a big fan of spreadsheets.

I’m hoping to have my rough drafts done by bedtime on Monday the 14th. Revisions and clean-up on the weekend of the 19th and 20th, and in the mail on the 21st.

I haven’t made as much progress on the novel as I’d like, though. That needs to change if we’re going to stay on-track with the New Year’s Resolutions (both “novel done by the end of the year” and “be more awesome” apply).

Away from writing, I’ve started looking over the racing schedule for 2008, and it’s a full one. Nineteen races in June alone. There’s no way I can do all of those, but damned if I’m not going to do a ton of them. Once I get the pursuit bike done, I may actually take a sabbatical from the shop for the year, just to allow myself more time to race.

This blog will probably include a video podcast from the racing season starting in about April or so.

The job hunt is going reasonably well. Not as well as I’d like, granted, but well. I was in contention for a contract gig that would have paid extremely well, but didn’t get it. I was pretty bummed because a.) it seemed like an awesome place to work, b.) it was a contract-to-hire, and c.) good god, I’m so booooored sitting around the house all day.

That said, my hat’s in the ring for a 6-month contract gig that would pay extremely well, and I’ve got a couple more interviews already lined-up. Found four more solid leads tonight, but don’t have the focus left to write thoughtful and inspiring cover letters, so I’m going to address that in the morning after I go to the gym and have some Cheerios and caffeine.

There’s progress being made on my Super Sekrit Font Project. So all this time away from the office environment hasn’t been a total waste. This thing is turning out great and I’m going to market the hell out of it. OpenType only, though. Sorry to all you pre-XP and pre-Mac OS X users. Look for the announcement here in about a month.