Writing the Book

For about four years, I was the go-to guy for email marketing knowledge inside a Fortune 100 company, and it was a role I enjoyed a great deal. During my stint, I was tasked with supporting nearly all of the U.S. divisions of the company in a role that started as part of a team and gradually diminished to just me. To use an over-tired cliché to describe the knowledge acquisition, it was “like drinking from a fire hose.”

That knowledge has stayed with me, and in the past week, I started doing something with it. I’ve been writing a book on email marketing — it’ll end up covering a pretty wide swath of the domain, and I am going to try to touch on every point I possibly can. Given that I won’t need to do a ton of research, and I won’t need to deal with creativity issues, I figure I should have a rough draft done in 3-4 weeks’ time.

As for publication, I plan to release it for the Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iBooks, at a reasonable price point — much less than you’d pay for something similar from a major publisher, yet priced so that after Amazon and Apple take their cuts, I’m in a position to actually make a little money out of the deal.

If there’s any topics you’d like to see covered in the manuscript, now’s your chance to chime in. Comment below, or contact me via email.