Writing Round-Up

So I’ve got a name for my novel: The Unforgettable Fire. I’m a big fan of U2, and you may even see some of that reflected in the novel. I’ve also spent part of the weekend plodding along with the character bios. I’m wary of making my main protagonist and antagonist too similar. So I’m struggling a little bit because I’m trying to build these personas within the framework of the novel I’ve already established. Tough.

Spent some time this weekend working with Google Maps/Mars, and it’s coming along. Just trying to figure out how to drop new custom pointers onto the map at lat/long coordinates. It’ll be a good visual reference for me to work from, plus interesting blog candy once the novel’s actually done.

Why wait? Well, the thing is, if I talk too much about the plot or characters of a novel that I’m writing or about where the story is going, I don’t finish it. So I’ve got myself revealing only the most minimal of details until the completion of the rough draft.

Writing related:

  • Jeff VanderMeer has an interesting piece on how to write a novel in two months. Sounds like a suicide mission to me, personally. I was going to make a joke about it being like S&M porn, but that would be painful to write, painful to read, and you’d probably think I was weird. (Not that I’m not weird, but for the record, I don’t have any interest in S&M porn.)
  • Write to Done has a piece of 31 Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Writing.

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