So based upon recent discussions surrounding finances and our priorities right now (savings, house, kid, workshop) and such, it’s more or less come down to having to keep this beast for another couple of years. She’s at the 94,000-mile mark, and they’ve been pretty hard miles. And I’ll be pouring some money into her for some work soon.

On the maintenance side of things, I need to get the timing belt/water pump taken care of ASAP, and probably a new fuel filter, too (which is a bit of a herculean task since it sits atop the gas tank). This fall, new tires are a must-get, as I bought a set of bargain-basements in Feb. of ’09 and they are not only dying, but they sucked ass to begin with — and of course I think one of my rims is dented, so I may have to get new rims as part of the package. We’ll see.

If I’m going to keep this sucker long-term, there’s a couple other things I need to do, too, surrounding making it a more-comfortable, more-useful car. Here’s the list:

  • Dynamat for the interior. When I installed the catback exhaust, the interior got seriously loud. The WRX already lacked for sound insulation to save weight. So as you can imagine, sitting on top of that pipe made things insane. Seriously considering gutting the interior (removing headliner, seats, and the upholstery) to do this. If not going that far, at least doing it in strategic areas throughout the car. Cost $300-$500.
  • Full detailing of the interior. Good god, it needs it. $250.
  • New Thule roof rails, and a fairing. $200.
  • Replace up-pipe and down-pipe on turbo, do Stage 2 tune to allow for burning non-premium gas and better MPG. $500.