Yet Another Goddamned Framebuilding Update

Last night, I hit up Dick Blick and dropped $50 on drafting supplies for the framebuilding fun. I already have a drafting table, so that’s a big plus. I just need to track down a roll of newsprint to work with. I found one on their site, so I’ll call around today and see if any of the local shops has one in-stock. I need to get the new 29’er design laid-out.

After the lugged commuter frame is done tomorrow, I’ve got three bikes for other people and one for myself, all of which are in-queue. I have parts for them in-hand or on their way to me. The personal bike fills a hole in my fleet (track bike), which is an aspect of the sport I’ve always wanted to pursue. I’ve got more spinning out there in the realm of possibility, including a couple of lugged road frames, but I’m thinking about stuff for myself these days. I’d like to build new frames to replace my existing Salsas, and do it soon. I’ve already got the tubeset I need to replace the Las Cruces, and I’m toying with the idea of building a bike out of Columbus Max to replace the Campeón frame. In both cases, I’ll just move the parts over from the existing bikes to do the build kit.

So yeah, that’s where it’s at. I’ll probably have another update on Saturday, after the commuter is finished.

2 thoughts on “Yet Another Goddamned Framebuilding Update”

  1. When I lived in Jacksonville, there was a teachers’ supply store that had all kinds of cool stuff like rolls of newsprint. They went under sometime in the 90s (it turns out to be a tricky business proposition to be a retailer that caters to a relatively small group of people who, collectively, have no money to spend), but there may still be one in your part of the world.

    If there is, it’s almost certainly far less expensive than what you’d pay for the same roll of paper at an art supply store.

    • Thanks for the lead — I’ll keep that in-mind for roll numero dos. I found a roll at a local shop, 3 feet wide, 50 yards long for $10. Should be enough to crank out ~30-35 blueprints.

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