Bike Habits

Once again, I reached out to Twitter for ideas on what to write here. That resulted in yesterday’s post about my diet, which wasn’t a barn-burner, but it really got me thinking about how to approach the problem. Today, I repeated the process, and got this one:

My on-bike habits are something that evolve over time — my food preferences change as I experiment, and my music tastes evolve over time, too. Continue reading Bike Habits

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Historically, diet has been my weak link in self-care. I eat like shit. I admit it. And as part of my rebuilding plans, I want to get better at it.

My problem isn’t a lack of willpower — it’s largely, that I am so pressed for time that usually the first thing that gets cut is meal prep. And that’s got to stop sometime. Maybe when life settles down? I’d like to start making the shift this month. Continue reading Diet

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What I Believe In (2015 Edition)

As part of my growth, one of the things I want to do every year, is to look at what I believe, the underpinnings of who I am morally, spiritually (though the atheist in me cringes at the word). What are my belief structures? What makes me tick? I think this will be a beginning of the year thing, rather than the end. The purpose is to give me something to look back at in the coming years, to see how my beliefs have changed, and to remember what’s important to me. Continue reading What I Believe In (2015 Edition)

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New Geek Project: Push Notifications

So one of the things I’ve been looking to do lately is get a push notifications platform working with WordPress so I can do alerts to an iPhone/iPad/Mac when content is updated on the site. In looking around, the plugins to do this all cost exorbitant amounts ($29+/month, or hundreds of dollars one-time cost), and since I’ve been wanting to get an Apple Dev account set up for awhile now, I opted to drop a hundo yesterday and get it going. Here’s how the first project is going to play out: Continue reading New Geek Project: Push Notifications

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Mindfulness and Learning

As part of my ongoing process of unfucking myself, I have been tracking data on each day, looking at my energy levels and my mood, based on a large number of factors. Key among those are how much I sleep, how much I exercise, what I eat, and my medication intake.

To that end I have discovered a few interesting things: Continue reading Mindfulness and Learning

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