Happy 2nd Birthday, Sam!

Dear Sam,

Today you are two, and those years you’ve been with us have been eventful. I wish I could say your life was stable and rational and that, as a result, it was easier for you to make sense of the world. The cool thing is, you’ve handled it all like a champ. You take it all in stride. You’ve got a huge smile, a loud laugh, and a hilarious sense of humor for someone who’s two.

I wish I was more like you. Outgoing, cheerful, carefree. I think we were all those things once, and that some of us just lose those over the passage of years. And I hope that you’re one of the people who never lose that.

It’s been a sheer joy watching you start to develop a personality, to hear your vocabulary explode, to watch your fearless exploration of the world.

I can’t wait to see more. Happy birthday, baby boy.


Tuesday Battle Plan

  • drop kids at daycare/school
  • drop off deposit at Sam’s new daycare
  • clean kitchen
  • buy dinner ingredients
  • get dinner into crock pot
  • shut off outside faucets
  • bring in temp-sensitive stuff from garage
  • set up stationary trainer
  • clean bedroom
  • unemployment meeting
  • file unemployment for the week
  • follow up on job interviews from last week
  • laundry
  • clean basement
  • pick up kids
  • put kids to bed
  • write — blitzing to finish the first rough draft

Image Credits: pixaeiro.

Researching a New Fatbike

So for awhile now, I’ve wanted to get a new fatbike — the last couple years, actually. Things finally started to solidify on Sunday when I went and started test riding a few as part of my research process.

My older brother just purchased a Framed Minnesota 2.2 with a Bluto fork, and in looking at pricing and specs, it seemed like a pretty screamin’ deal, so it was the first thing I rode. I hit up Jonny Rock Bikes and took the 20″ (the largest available for that model) out. It felt cramped and more like a BMX bike, and I wasn’t really pleased with the feel. It certainly wasn’t going to work for long rides.

The next fatbike ride was a Framed Minnesota 3.0 with no suspension, in a 22″ frame. The fit was far superior to the 2.2, for sure, but it still had shortcomings in the parts group, and the mass of the 4.7″ front tire pulling the front wheel into turns was…odd, but would likely be something I could get used to. It also kind of obviated the need for a suspension, given that the tires rode like a couple of smart-foam pillows. It quickly jumped to the top of the list.

I opted to skip the options from KHS, thinking I had my new whip figured out, but on the way back to Minneapolis, I stopped at my old employer, Penn Cycle, to take a look at what they had in stock. I put eyes on the Trek Farley 5 (shown above), and was suitably impressed. There’s nothing that really needs to be updated on the bike. At all. And given that it’s only a hair outside my planned $1500 max price, I’m down. I want this thang.

The rest of the gear package is going to include: Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedals, 45NRTH bar pogies, 45NRTH Wolvhammer boots, a Giro Nine MIPS snowboard helmet, Oakley Crowbar goggles, and some other sundry items.

The plan is to commute to work 2-3 times a week, and try to hit up some singletrack once a week or so. I need to be able to get some outdoor/non-stationary rides in this year to help maintain my fitness going into spring.

Hoping to get it in a few weeks.

Image Credits: Trek Bicycle Company.

Random Assortment

What’s to say, really? I haven’t posted in quite some time, and that’s my bad. So much insanity in life that it’s hard to keep track of everything. And, to be honest, blogging has been about the furthest thing from my mind. Someday, I may write LONG SERIOUS BLOG POST™ about the topic, but today isn’t that day. Mostly, I’m just going to ramble about rambly stuff.

The Job Hunt

It’s going pretty well, actually. I’ve been interviewing at local agencies and it’s been going extremely well. There’s this one where I’ve really, really enjoyed the process of the interviews, and I hope like hell that I get it. The last I heard, they were hoping to make a decision on Friday and then make some notifications next week. Fingers crossed. If I don’t get it, I’ll be pretty bummed out. BUT. There are other irons in the fire, so I won’t be despondent or anything.


Who are these guys? Our defense is absolutely dominating and our secondary is fucking awesome (never thought I’d say that about the Purple). On offense, AP is fucking tearing it up and is actually a tiny bit ahead of where he was through nine games in 2012. The single-season rushing record is a possibility, but he’s going to have to run like he’s possessed for these last seven games.

And we’re sitting in first in the NFC North. What the fuck is that all about? Oh, and we play the Pack today. Beat them and we’re two games up. And we own the tiebreaker right now.

Five Thirty Eight has us at 82% to make the playoffs. 47% to win the division. I’m flabbergasted at this point. Coach Zimmer has GOT to be a consideration for Coach of the Year.

For once, the Vikings aren’t pissing me off.


I’ve been thinking more and more about science lately (and reading a lot of New Scientist). Specifically because I’m braindumping notes on my next novel, which is a near-future thriller. At some point, I’m going to try to put down a brief post in here about the three most important discoveries/tech creations of the 21st century. Two of them have already happened and are in-use…and a large majority of you have never even heard of them.

Bike Stuff

I keep getting interrupted in my quest for a solid 2016 on the bike. I’ve spent most of the last three weeks sick, and still have a bit of a cough, which is not really conducive to going to the gym. In the coming days, I’m going to pull out the ol’ Training Bible and start really getting into designing a new training program. Still have all my old spreadsheets, so it’ll be pretty easy to bang this out.

The Kids

Pretty awesome.

Eddy’s therapy has been helping a ton with his behaviors, and the boys are actually playing. He looks out for Sam now, comforts him at daycare dropoffs, shows affection for him, and tries to involve him in play. It’s pretty amazing to see.

Sam is on the cusp of two years old and already has a pretty extensive vocabulary (I’d estimate that it’s over 100 words at this point), and is doing sentences of 3-4 words on a pretty regular basis. Recently heard:

  • “My shoes light up.”
  • “There is rain on my window.”

Pretty much the exact opposite of where Eddy was at at this age.


Going okay. I’m going to try to start posting here again, semi-regularly.

And You?

What’s new with you?



  • fold and put away laundry
  • kitchen
  • pick up yard toys
  • pick up toys in living room


  • shower
  • check contraindications for Adderall/DayQuil
  • find tooth whitening trays, do that
  • start planning off-season training


  • hammer out a substantive blog post
  • work on email marketing book
  • noodle around with sci-fi book, time permitting

Job Hunt

  • press shirt
  • select tie
  • buff out shoes
  • double-check suit
  • print out résumés
  • write questions list
  • read Glassdoor and LinkedIn for better insights on company and interviewers
  • check with Pam and Amira re: lunch tomorrow since I’m downtown, anyway


  • pet the cat
  • appointment with Eddy’s therapist
  • get boys from daycare
  • make dinner

Image Credits: condesign.

WordPress Current Projects

I’ve got two things going that are worth mentioning.

1. Annoying-Assed Barking Dog

I’m playing this one close to the vest right now. It’s been done. Sort of. But I’m doing it better. Or so I’d like to think.

2. Growth Adapter

I want to see if there’s a way to set up a system that moves all Buddypress/BBpress data into MongoDB, instead of relying on MySQL. Right now, it’s anvery pie-in-the-sky, as I need to learn more about MongoDB, and about how it works with PHP and how Buddypress/BBpress works.

I’ve got a few other ideas in-mind, as well, but they’re pretty tenuous.

Image Credits: Alexander Gounder.

Recent Productivity


  • got trash/recycling out just before the trucks arrived
  • got kids dressed, fed, and schlepped over to daycare/preschool, respectively
  • applied for unemployment
  • found out that Johnny Surprise is moving to Mpls from St. Paul and he’ll only be like 5-6 blocks away
  • called mom re: babysitting
  • moved chair out of bedroom and bookshelf into bedroom
  • found the artist I want to do the tattoo on my back
  • hit IKEA
  • hit the gym — Stronglifts 5×5 and a 30-minute stationary bike session
  • therapy


  • got kids to daycare/preschool
  • went and bought winter boots for the boys
  • worked on job hunt stuff
  • cleaned out the van
  • scheduled parent-teacher conference for Sam
  • read big chunks of Station Eleven
  • cleaned and organized bedroom
  • laundry

Image Credits: skeeze.