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    2 thoughts on “Contact Me”

    1. Hey o, slight neighbor!

      I know this is a streeeeeeetch but I was wondering if you are driving to the Cutters Ball tomorrow from Savage. If you have an extra seat, I’d love to snag one. I can spot you a few dollars too or just the conversation of biking. Oh adjusting back to life in two cities again, without a car, quite a trip.

      Thanks in advance if so.



    2. Hi Dan,
      My name is Dave I am located in Minneapolis (permanently). I make the Jiggernaut an inexpensive jig for people getting started in bicycle frame building. I just came across your page reading about local frame building stuff and thought I would say hi. I am planning a small drinking/frame building club with some friends this winter maybe you’d be interested in checking in some time. is my site.


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